Of Light Shadow and Angles

I've often been asked what makes a great photograph, and by extension a great photographer. As with any other art form, standards of photographic beauty, quality, and value are frequently subjective: and therein lies the inherent appeal. I'm certainly not the most technical of photographers; in fact, one might call my work "instinctual" as it's almost always done with ambient light and minimal equipment. To me, a session is like starting a trip to a foreign land: I have to work to create order out of chaos, to keep an open mind about what may lie ahead, and to be open to the totally unfamiliar. When people compliment my work, I get the sense that they're complementing my technique and mastery of light and angles, but I see my work in a slightly different way. I would like to think that my work appeals to people, perhaps on a subconscious level, due to the affection I have for my subjects. I believe that some of my best photographs could have been paintings, and although that may be high flattery, it gives me something to aim for.
- Alain